If you’re a young professional seeking leadership skills to enhance your career or organization, the Arthur School Emerging Leader Experience will unlock your potential.

The three-day program will provide an immersive campus experience, allowing you to enjoy ECU campus life, expand your professional network, and expose you to leadership best practices and knowledge that will make your resume pop. 

What you will learn  The Leadership Seven: developed by an industry-focused faculty team and supported by abundant empirical and anecdotal evidence, the Leadership Seven will give you the blueprint for building leadership competencies that impact, disrupt, and drive change.

Truist Leadership Model: A transformative program designed to empower you to lead others effectively, enhance self-awareness, and identify your signature strengths and communication preferences.

Ready to start your leadership journey? Join us this May for a special Pirate experience. Please provide your name and email address, and we’ll set you on your way.

Yes I’m Interested

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, this experience comes at no cost to you.

What you will take away 

  • An updated skill set that will better position you to lead.
  • Stronger sense of your career path and your possibilities.
  • An expanded network of future leaders like yourself.
  • A Truist Emerging Leaders Certificate.
  • New memories and maybe a baseball (from the ECU/Rice baseball game you’ll attend).