In turn with Savannah Gray

In turn is a new series dedicated to highlighting the interns and internship opportunities that can be found within the College of Business (COB). 

My name is Savannah Gray. I am a senior graduating in May of 2021 with my BSBA in finance with a concentration in risk management & insurance and management information systems (MIS). I am from Greenville, North Carolina. My brother and grandparents graduated from ECU. I am an ECU Access Scholar and a member of Beta Gamma Sigma.

I’ve had three internships during my college career. During the summer of 2019, I worked as a claims intern for State Farm in one of their corporate offices in Atlanta.  I have worked as an agency intern for Towne Insurance since January 2020, and this past summer, I worked as a commercial underwriting intern for The Hartford.  

How did you learn about this internship opportunity?

I learned about this internship (the Hartford) through another RMI student who had interned for the company the previous summer. He spoke highly of it, and I wanted to have the same opportunity.

I learned about the State Farm opportunity through their website. After applying, I reached out to recruiters through LinkedIn, who walked me through the interview process.

How did the COB prepare you to be the chosen intern candidate?

The COB, particularly the RMI program, was instrumental in me obtaining this internship.

Before my first internship, I was able to refine my interview skills at the Student Success Center. Several ECU graduates currently work at The Hartford and represent the university well. Professor (Kurt) Fickling personally reached out to contacts at The Hartford on my behalf to recommend me, which was helpful going through the interview process. My risk management class prepared me to adjust quickly to the challenging work throughout my internship. My MIS class was also helpful as I worked through data to complete a capstone project. 

Describe your experience at the COB.

The support I have received throughout my time as a COB student has been extraordinary. I feel like my professors, and the COB staff is personally invested in my success as a student and as a professional.  As a double major, I have been fortunate to take classes from many COB professors, and the main similarity in all of them is how much they want to see their students succeed. They are quick to respond to any questions that I have and know how to balance challenging me with being helpful.

I will always think fondly of my time at ECU and will forever be thankful to the COB for preparing me to join the “real world.”  

Why would you recommend a business student take advantage of an internship opportunity?

Internships are a great way to apply the theories we learn in class. Each of my internships has offered several professional development opportunities that have improved my presentation, technical and networking skills. I now have a wide network of professionals to turn to when I have a question, which has been helpful while working through intensive projects. Internships are also a great way to demonstrate a commitment to learning and a strong work ethic, which can help set an individual apart in a competitive job market.

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