January 2023

In Turn: A Q&A with Brandon Burke

“Without the Cunanan Center and the Employer in the Foyer, I would never have landed my internship.”


November 2022

In turn with Molly White

“The accounting and business courses have prepared me for hands-on experiences.”


In turn with Caitlynn Harpine

“COB helped with looking over my resume and giving me pointers.”


In turn with Evelyn Gonzalez

This internship has taught me a lot about time management and teamwork.


October 2022

In turn with Jorge Andres Hipolito Canario

Jorge Andres Hipolito Canario will soon have his third internship with EY in Charlotte. He’s already completed two internships with the same company but at their Raleigh, North Carolina offices. […]


April 2022

In turn with Jenna Mallberg

“Use campus resources. They are here for us!”


March 2022

In turn with Alyssa Amerson

“Without my internships, I wouldn’t have developed the skills necessary for my professional and personal growth.”


February 2022

In turn with Mason Taylor

“I took the internship seriously because it was a real-world experience.”


In turn with Landon Stevenson

“Getting that internship and gaining that experience will give you connections.”


January 2022

Timothy Young – A Hyster-Yale Recruitment Success Story

Submitted by Sherry Jones, manager communications, strategy, and planning, Hyster-Yale Group Every year East Carolina University provides opportunities and events, such as mock interviews, for students to help prepare them for […]