In Turn: A Q&A with Brandon Burke

Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Brandon Burke, and I’m a student at East Carolina University’s College of Business. Outside classes, I enjoy recreational outdoors such as fishing, hunting, camping, and being outside. I’m looking forward to the new opportunities my North Carolina Department of Revenue internship will bring.  

How did the Cunanan Center for Professional Success help prepare you for your internship search?

The Cunanan Center for Professional Success helped prepare me for my internship search by providing a venue – Employer in the Foyer – to meet and network with employers. I first met NCDOR during an Employer in the Foyer. I then reached out to them to come and speak to the American Marketing Association Club. After speaking with AMA, they contacted me regarding a marketing position.

Without the Cunanan Center and the Employer in the Foyer, I would never have landed my internship. From perfecting my resume and overall career advice, the Cunanan Center helped me a lot!

What were your responsibilities during your internship?

  • Marketed online educational webinars about taxes to the taxpayers of North Carolina.
  • Designed tactical planning material for the NCDOR Twitter and LinkedIn page to drive engagement in taxpayer education.
  • Provided valuable feedback on educational YouTube videos, newsletters, interactive e-modules, employee training classes, and seminars.

How did you apply what you learned in BUSI 1200, BUSI 2200, BUSI 3200 or BUSI 4200 to your internship?

With BUSI 1200, I learned how to communicate effectively via email, which I used a lot in this virtual internship! In BUSI 2200, I learned how to work with teams, which I quickly realized was most of my projects as an intern. Being a good team member helped me make a good contribution in places that were my strengths and let my teammates help me where I was weak. In BUSI 3200, I learned professional dining, which I used during office lunch outings and lunch at headquarters with the Secretary of Revenue. 

What was the most challenging thing you experienced during your internship, and how did what you learned in the COB help you overcome it?

The most challenging thing during my internship was my feedback or contributions not being used. I learned in the COB that every effort counts, even if your efforts are not used in the final draft or product.

I understood how to take feedback from the rest of my team properly and knew the team had my best interest. 

How have you applied what you learned in your classwork to this position?

By using Marketing language and phycological theories, I was able to be successful in bringing more people to our seminars.  I could only apply these marketing tactics by learning them in classwork for the COB. 

What has this internship taught you about responsibility?

This internship taught me to be responsible even when there is no one to hold me accountable. Ninety-nine percent of my internship was at home on a work laptop, and I learned to find work for myself and operate independently. Even during flexible work hours and isolated work environments, it is best to treat it like you are in an office and someone always gives you things to do.  

Why would you recommend a business student take advantage of the Cunanan Center for Professional Success resources?

I Recommend every business student take advantage of the Cunanan Center resources to progress as a business student. The Cunanan Center helps from all stages, starting with being a BUSI 1200 student forming a resume and a BUSI 4200 student trying to start your career and everything in between!