SHL Alumna Spotlight: Avery Trump

My name is Avery Trump, and I currently manage programs & events at the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). More than four years ago, I was hired by WBENC as a project manager on the events team to help our organization host two annual multi-day conferences ranging from 2,500- 4,500 attendees, comprised primarily of women-owned businesses and Fortune 100 Corporations.

My time in the School of Hospitality Leadership – I graduated in 2017 – prepared me tremendously for this role, as I was up to date on industry trends and certifications and able to bring the knowledge I learned to the forefront of our events. In March 2020, we were one week from the start of our annual conference in Nashville when we canceled due to concerns about the global pandemic. The first few months of the pandemic were difficult for those working within the hospitality industry, and we were all feeling the weight of uncertainty. Luckily, the faced-paced nature of hospitality aids in fostering the skill of flexibility, so I, like many others, was able to leverage my learned skills to adapt to the “new normal.”

I was presented with an opportunity to move to the programs team. Since then, I have led many outreach and development programs where I’ve learned new skills while relying on the foundational skills learned through years of lived experience in the hospitality industry. I now develop, plan, and execute multi-level, cross-industry programming designed to develop and strengthen women-owned businesses.

At WBENC, ECU’s (and SHL’s) reputation for producing high-quality leaders precedes itself. Our CEO, Pamela Prince-Eason, now recognizes the School of Hospitality & Leadership as one of the best in the nation and relies upon its alums for employment opportunities. In fact, we recently hired an additional SHL alumna (c/o 2018) to join our events team. Thank you, and don’t forget to #buywomenowned!