Lean Six Sigma Greenbelts Awarded

A group of nine College of Business faculty and staff earned their Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification over the summer and were awarded their greenbelts at the College’s fall retreat. Each of our newly minted greenbelts is now well versed in methodologies that support process improvement and quality enhancement projects as the College continues on its Performance Excellence Program or PEP journey.

LSS Green Belts (1)

The certification class was taught by Dr. Merwan Mehta of the College of Engineering and Technology. Dr. Mehta has years of experience in implementing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in the manufacturing and services industries. He combined his experience in industry with his knowledge of ECU to deliver a unique curriculum tailored specifically to our COB personnel.

Over the fall semester, two more groups of COB faculty and staff will complete their Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training where they will focus on basic concepts and tools used to drive complexity and unnecessary wait times out of our work processes.


Written By: Len Rhodes; Director of Technology, Information and Operations

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