COB and Duke Partnership

Bryan McGann, right, with Duke Law students and attending the second round of the Pirate Challenge.

Professor Bryan McGann, Director of the Duke Law Start-Up Ventures Clinic and proud ECU alumnus, recently was on campus with his students to meet with classes in the Miller School of Entrepreneurship and watch the second round of the Pirate Entrepreneurship Challenge. The Clinic provides legal advice and assistance to entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures that have not yet raised significant amounts of outside capital needed for a wide variety of legal matters including company formation, intellectual property protection, commercialization strategies, and operational issues.

Four Duke Law students worked with ECU entrepreneurs during the fall semester.

Says Dr. Mike Harris, Miller School director, “this is another example of the valuable resources provided through the Miller School.”

Fielding Miller, second from right; Dr. Mike Harris, center; and Bryan McGann, far right. Two Duke Law students are also pictured.

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