COB fares well during third Pirate Entrepreneurship Challenge

Hannah Sanders (Photo by Rhett Butler)

While the campus celebrates this year’s winner of the Pirate Entrepreneurship Challenge, we want to celebrate the College of Business students who participated and dared to make their dreams become a reality.  

Katherine Arden

Hannah Sanders and her Snap Slimes company came in second place and took home $10,000.  Sanders also won an additional $5,000 from PEC sponsor Red Shark Digital for website development.

Rowe Mellot, a business management major, pitched his company idea, QuizCam, an interactive film study platform for football coaches and players to use.

Lastly but not leastly, let’s celebrate Katherine Arden. She’s an entrepreneurship major, and her company, Safe Food, is aiming to provide an innovative way to secure food when one needs it the most.

Both Rowe and Arden are eligible to participate in next year’s Pirate Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Rowe Mellot (Photo by Rhett Butler)