In turn with Matt Doidge

In turn is a series dedicated to highlighting the interns and internship opportunities that can be found within the College of Business (COB).

Matt Doidge is from Apex, North Carolina and plans to graduate in May 2021 with a BSBA in supply chain management. He’s a traveler and loves saltwater fishing.

Doidge currently is in a co-op program with Bosch Home Appliances, where he is working directly with the company’s purchasing managers.

He spoke with us about his experiences here at the College of Business.

How did you learn about this opportunity with Bosch?

I learned about this opportunity from Melissa Parks, who I have created a great relationship with over the past year. She guided me through building my resume and cover letter. I also heard about the opportunity from professor (Jon) Kirchoff, who answered various questions for me through my hiring process. Both were more than helpful during this process, and I would encourage anyone reading this to reach out to the College of Business Career Center for guidance.

How did the COB prepare you to be the chosen candidate?

While working alongside Melissa Parks, she helped me to format my resume and cover letter in a way that professionally expressed who I am as a student and various achievements I have accomplished.

Why would you recommend a business student take advantage of an internship opportunity?

Internship opportunities allow students to graduate with work experience in their work field. I believe internship experiences will help students grow their knowledge of their prospective areas and feel more confident with their abilities when applying for full-time positions with future employers.

What was the moment during your internship search process where you knew that your ECU COB education has paid off?

One of the biggest tools I utilized when applying for my co-op position was the practice interview, a requirement in one of my classes. I felt very prepared and learned how to formulate my thoughts that professionally expressed my achievements.

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