Meet Zach Stephenson: SHL's new social media coordinator

My name is Zachary Stephenson, but you can call me Zach. I am a freshman in the College of Business’ School of Hospitality Leadership. I grew up around Clayton, North Carolina.

I was on campus for a short time, but I decided to move back home and work after classes moved online. I had worked in child care until I moved to Greenville, but recently, I began working at Cabela’s in Garner, North Carolina.

I do miss Greenville, and I am looking forward to being back in the spring.

While living at home, I have been an active student by attending online classes and participating in ECU bass tournaments. I chose ECU because of my peers and the School of Hospitality Leadership. I knew that I wanted to be in state as a hospitality student, so why not the best?

Hospitality has always been a passion of mine. I love working with people and striving to provide the best service. My family has multiple timeshares with Wyndham and other companies; seeing all the workers at these resorts inspired me to work at these beautiful places.

In the spring, I will be working with Dr. Bob O’Halloran, Grace Faller, Michael Rudd, and Kim Watkins this spring semester and focusing on the School of Hospitality Leadership Social Media.

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