In turn with Octavia Bizzell

In turn is a series that highlights the student interns and internship opportunities found within the College of Business (COB). For more information, contact Melissa Parks at 

Marketing Major Octavia BizzellRaleigh, North Carolina native and College of Business senior Octavia Bizzell is a marketing major and a fashion merchandising minor. Thanks to COB’s Dr. Miranda Williams, Bizzell had an opportunity to put her education to work at Created Colorful, a company that helps women embrace their natural beauty and dress confidently.

“I had no idea the opportunity existed,” said Bizzell. “I am thankful that she (Williams) and so many other COB staff went out of their way to help me.”

What were your responsibilities? 

I am the brand development intern for Created Colorful. At the moment, I am doing a deep dive into the brand by shadowing, learning the brand’s voice, interacting with customers as a consultant to pinpoint trouble issues and planning future brand extensions.

Why did you choose to do an internship? 

This was the first opportunity to present itself that blended my love for business and fashion. For months, I searched for what I considered my ideal internship and had no luck. So, I took this opportunity as fast as I could.

How did the COB prepare you to be the chosen candidate? 

The COB taught me how to sell myself to an employer. I elaborated on my strengths, weaknesses, views on work ethic and leadership while showcasing my personality.

What did the internship mean to you? 

This is one of the most valuable experiences/rewards from my time at ECU, besides earning my future diploma, of course! Through this experience, I have realized fully the career path I hope to take.

How are you better prepared for your career with this internship under your belt? 

This internship has taught me so much already! I have been interested in brand development as a career, and this internship has allowed me to explore that possibility. Within this short period, I also have been able to develop as a creative strategist. I have both watched and learned from a driven businesswoman. I have seen firsthand how much hard work goes into developing a brand from the ground up.

Why would you recommend a business student take advantage of an internship opportunity? 

I have come across people that have been willing to take a chance on me and teach me. They appreciate what I have to offer and help me grow every day. Even if you go into the experience expecting to learn one thing, I can guarantee you will walk away learning 10 times more!


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