Meet Andrew Herdman, Thomas D. Arthur Distinguished Scholar in Leadership

Dr. Andrew Herdman is an associate professor of management and the Thomas D. Arthur Distinguished Scholar in Leadership who has more than 25 years of applied leadership, business development and human resource experience across various companies and industries. Most recently, he served as VP of the Group Human Resources for Mayne Pharma, a global pharmaceutical company where he led the global HR effort and served as a member of the executive committee. Prior to joining Mayne Pharma, he was an associate professor in the College’s Department of Management. Previously, he held numerous HR consulting roles and served as VP of human resources and strategic partnerships at Crown American Real Estate Investment Trust. Herdman has published original research in numerous leading research journals in the areas of leadership and the impact of progressive human resource practices on firm performance outcomes.

How will you leverage this gift (the professorship) with your work?

A consistent theme in my experience as a scholar, business and non-profit leader is building and equipping leaders. My first passion is leader development in the classroom and applied settings. The Thomas D. Arthur Professorship provides a clear mandate and needed resources to drive research and leadership development opportunities among our students, our faculty, the broader university community and eastern North Carolina. In my mind, there is no single greater point of leverage toward the transformation of an organization, community or region than growing and equipping its leaders.

How will this work impact your students?

Our brand promise of “we build leaders” requires opportunities for experimentation and application in real-world settings, with all its complexities. Engaging the university and region means providing students opportunities to serve others, engage in solving applied organizationally situated problems and support positive change and growth (aka leadership). I envision a legion of aspiring and developing leaders engaged in efforts to build and strengthen our communities, local industries, agencies and non-profits. We want to give them a story to tell of the difference they made through their leadership.

What are your research goals for this gift?

I hope to serve as a catalyst and connector in supporting scholarship in leadership. Because leadership transcends disciplines, I believe that opportunities abound to create meaningful research agendas within the College of Business and across the university. Credibly presenting ourselves to our students and region as a “leadership university” demands that we are engaged in thought leadership and research that enables and equips others to lead more effectively.     

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