Study Abroad 2023 in Milan, Italy - Dr. Bobby Palmer, Arthur MBA Candidate

Bobby Palmer is a board-certified pediatric orthopedic surgeon who is pursuing his Arthur MBA

Today, our study abroad group of four decided to travel to Alghero, Sardinia.  I was inspired to learn more about this area after discovering that Sardinia is a part of the Blue Zones, which are regions of the world with higher-than-average life expectancy.  We took off early morning from Milan Linate Airport and arrived around an hour later to Alghero in northwest Sardinia.  We unloaded direct to the tarmac, which was similar in size to PGV back home.  

All of us then rented an OPEL Corsa and shortly after pulled into downtown.  We quickly found the nearest coffee shop; Colby thought he was up to trying espresso for the first time, which he really enjoyed.  The group ambled through various shops, which displayed numerous handmade wares ranging from leather goods to coral jewelry.  The area is well known for its abundance of red coral, which was highlighted in our trip to the local museum.  

Later, we shared our entrees at Il Pavone, which prides itself on its Michelin-rated seafood dishes.  Per the owner’s recommendation, I chose the grouper, which was sautéed in artichokes and plated next to a light potato mash.  From there, we drove to Neptune’s Grotto, which featured diving cliffs and azure waters with scattered stone lighthouses.  

For dinner, we grabbed focaccia and sat down to catch the start of the Rome vs. Real Sociedad with the locals who were quick to explain why AC Milan was the best football club.  

We returned to the airport filled with gratitude from the experience and already planning our reunion.

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