Isley hosts the first of three scheduled game nights.

The Isley Innovation Hub hosted the first of three scheduled game nights of the semester on Sept. 13. The event was hosted jointly by the Isley Innovation Hub and the ECU Board Gaming and Table Top Society. Blue Ox Games of Greenville supplied games and had a couple staff members on hand to answer questions and help with instructions. The remaining two game nights are Oct. 11 and Nov. 8 from 6:00 – 9:00. ECU students, faculty and staff are welcome to come and play around. 

“It was a wonderful night”, said Chip Galusha, acting director, Miller School of Entrepreneurship. “We had a bunch of people meeting in Isley and playing card games, board games, computer games and role-playing games. And that is really what the Isley Innovation Hub is about, a space where students, faculty and staff can all meet and have, what we like to call, serendipitous collisions.” 

Added Galusha, “A number of the students had not been to Isley before and several signed up for the Worman Makerspace training. Who knows maybe they will design a new game.” 

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