Second ECU Copeland Fellowship students closeout cohort

From left to right: Tiphany Watson, Caitlin Kysar, Lauren Humann, Kadyn Pleasants, Andrea Knight and Dana Newell, Copeland Fellowship director

On April 17, the second cohort of the Copeland Fellows – Caitlin Kysar, Lauren Humann, Andrea Knight, Kadyn Pleasants, and Tiphany Watson  – presented their last deliverable as Copeland Fellows in the Ledonia Wright Culture Center on the campus of ECU. After two years in the program, their projects demonstrated what they learned.

“I have been working on a photo voice research project titled “Everyday Leaders Can be Anyone and Anywhere.” Using this research, I would like to create a mural that uses visualization and representation techniques to inspire future generations of pirate leaders,” said Lauren Humann.

“My project is a combination of my work in accessibility with Walt Disney World and SGA, along with how the hospitality industry can be more inclusive to the disabled community, especially when the majority of the industry has shifted since the covid 19 pandemic,” said Caitlin Kysar.

“For my research project, I worked to determine whether or not race-related questions were necessary when conducting politics-related surveys,” said Andrea Knight.

“The results of my project aim to encourage organizations to develop a mindset to adapt to those who identify as neurodiverse and use their skills to the organization’s advantage,” said Kadyn Pleasants.

When applications opened for the first cohort of the Copeland Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship, Mark Copeland ’96 and his wife Tracy ‘95 wanted to provide a program for College of Business students that celebrated and encouraged a culture of diversity and inclusion. Another goal was for the program to build upon the legacy started by COB’s leadership and professional development curriculum.

In 2020, Copeland said, “Diversity and inclusiveness are not ‘nice to haves.’ They are business imperatives. As (our) COB graduates embark on their next journey, they will quickly realize that diverse perspectives drive better decision-making, stimulate innovation, increase organizational agility, and strengthen resilience to disruption.”

Applications are now open for the fourth cohort. Interested? Applications can be found on the Copeland Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship website.

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