November 2022

In turn with Caitlynn Harpine

“COB helped with looking over my resume and giving me pointers.”


In turn with Evelyn Gonzalez

This internship has taught me a lot about time management and teamwork.


October 2022

In turn with Nathan Boswell

“From rigid deadlines to arriving at meetings on time, the professional world is no joke!”


In turn with AJ Hendley

“Establish how to study and use that material in your everyday life.”


September 2022

In turn with Shaun Gizdic

Shaun H Gizdic recently completed an internship with Live Oak Bank out of Wilmington, NC, which is also his hometown. The senior management major and Honors College student recently spoke […]


COB’s BBR Leads in Regional Transformation

Submitted by Dr. Jason Rowe, director, COB’s Bureau of Business Research State public and private decision-makers need relevant information and data about the business and economic environment across North Carolina. Housed […]


In turn with Filmon Futsum

“I learned a great deal about business acumen, which was very critical for me.”


In turn with Binta Touray

“I learned to be confident in my qualities and grow into a leader who works alongside people.”


In turn with Connor Harmon

“Being young and fresh in a corporate-level job, there were many things I needed to learn about professional business communication.”


June 2022

Rowe appears on North Carolina manufacturing podcast

Dr. Jason Rowe is an associate professor of marketing in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and director of the Bureau of Business Research in the College of […]