2020-21 Peer Mentor Group adjusts to new norm

20-21 Peer Mentor Group

The college’s Peer Mentor Group is in its 11th year. Traditionally, Peer Mentors have assisted with recruitment events (e.g., ECU Open House), COB LLC activities, and other COB events since 2009.

In today’s COVID-learning environment, events and activities have been moved to a virtual environment, and that’s okay. That’s the confidence that Keyshorn Smith, a senior risk management and insurance student, exudes and one of the reasons he was chosen as a Peer Mentor. The Goldsboro-native is in his second year as a Peer Mentor, and he says that last year’s experiences have helped him prepare for this year.

Keyshorn Smith

“I can honestly say that being a part of the group I worked with made me a better person,” said Smith. “Since I was the youngest of the group, I would constantly attempt to mimic what my fellow mentors did in and out of the classroom. I was a mentor myself, it also felt as if my colleagues were mentoring me as well, so for that, I am very grateful.”

New to the Peer Mentor Group is Emily Grieb, a senior marketing major from Raleigh, North Carolina. She says this year’s group is prepared to meet the unique needs of this year’s first-time COBers.

“This year is going to be a huge adjustment for everyone,” said Grieb. “This year’s mentoring activities will have to be virtual…we will make sure they are still beneficial and fun.”

Emily Grieb

“The students, mentors, mentees, advisors, and anyone else involved have a lot on their plate, which includes new obstacles and challenges. With this being said, the show must still go on.”

Mentors provide a student’s perspective and offer valuable insight by sharing their previous experiences.  Corey Pulido is a teaching instructor in the COB’s Miller School of Entrepreneurship. He was a peer mentor in 2013, the same year he transitioned from a BSBA student to an MBA student. Like Smith did and Emily will soon do, he advised students and participated in student activities, to name a few. For this year’s Peer Mentor group, Pulido suggests they be “flexible and be accessible. Remember how lost you were or may have felt when you were a freshman.  Make those coming behind you aware of the resources available without them having to search too hard. Engage and start the conversation.”

“COB Students can expect great energy and helpful experiences from this year’s Peer Mentor Group,” said Grieb. “We are all so excited to meet the mentees.”

Corey Pulido

To be a Peer Mentor, declared junior or seniors in the COB and must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. They must have exhibited proven leadership in the COB and across campus.

This year’s Peer Mentor group also includes NeNe Adams, and accounting and finance major from Indian Trail, NC; Claudia Camlin, a management major from Chesapeake, Virginia; Quint Flores, an MIS major from Greenville, North Carolina;  Sarai Gonzalez, a marketing and management major from Clayton, North Carolina; Dejah McManus, an accounting major from Indian Trail, North Carolina; Talia Patterson, a marketing major from Harrisburg, North Carolina; Aaron Watson, a marketing and MIS major from Wilkesboro, North Carolina, and Walter Whaley, a finance major from Nakina, North Carolina.

For more information about the COB Peer Mentor Group, visit: https://business.ecu.edu/ug/peermentors/