Arthur Student Elena Uzun - No Excuses

Elena Uzun

Hometown/Home Country:
Cairaclia, Republic of Moldova

Program Coordinator, Advanced Education in General Dentistry, ECU School of Dental Medicine

Undergraduate Institution & Degree: 
BSBA, ECU College of Business

What brought you to ECU?

Obtaining two associate degrees from Pitt Community College was not the end of my educational goals. Therefore, it was only logical to continue my education here, in my new hometown of Greenville, at East Carolina University.

Having great academic advisors at PittCC and ECU helped me tremendously to learn the American university system. It differs from the one in Moldova: admissions, course requirements, lecture structure, grading system, and student support. The ECU advisors were always ready to answer my questions and offer guidance and perspectives, and they were genuinely happy to see me succeed.

ECU is very diverse. When visiting the campus, I saw students of different races and ethnicities. I could hear individuals speaking different languages, which made me feel at ease. Knowing I would not be the only non-native English speaker in the classroom was nice.

ECU provides a great variety of majors, including the one I am interested in – Business Administration. Also, ECU and its business program have high national rankings. Therefore, again, it only made sense to choose the university in my new hometown.

Why did you choose to pursue an Arthur MBA?

I had only one answer when I asked myself whether I wanted to keep advancing my education. Why not?

Let me elaborate:

I had a great experience as an undergraduate student. As I mentioned earlier, I had amazing academic advisors. A few semesters into the undergraduate program, I realized that the faculty at ECU are as invested in my success as the faculty at PittCC. ECU and the College of Business were committed, ready to help, non-biased, and void of any prejudices, which are a few areas of concern for many international students. They helped me gain confidence and encouraged me to keep going.

Another answer to my “why not?” is finding out that ECU ranked high in Best Online MBA Programs. I am a full-time employee who could obtain an Arthur MBA online, hence no excuses. Also, all the hard work I put into my undergrad paid off. Since I did well in my undergraduate business classes, I waived some of the program’s foundation courses, and I can now complete my Arthur MBA in 1.5 years.

What advice do you have for international students pursuing their MBA, particularly at ECU? 

As an international student, I experienced challenges in many areas – language barrier, social and cultural differences, and learning how to navigate a different education system. The most valuable advice I can share is not to hesitate and do not be afraid to ask for help. The advisors and the professors at ECU and the COB are always open to help, offer advice, and equip students with all tools needed to achieve success. All one must do is put in the hard work.

What are your next steps after you earn your Arthur MBA?

It is very difficult to plan far in advance because one’s life can change instantly.
But if all is well, I am open to continuing my education and pursuing a Ph.D. Lately, this thought has been coming to my mind more often. And as at the beginning of the MBA program, the same question applies.

Why not?

Words that made and are making the biggest difference in my life:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch
“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” —Abraham Lincoln

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