COB Office of Expert Services available to help ENC accelerate growth

In January 2024, private and public sector leaders in eastern North Carolina will have easier access to the thought leadership, actionable research and industry knowledge coming out of the College of Business in its newly formed Office of Expert Services.

The OES includes five areas of excellence that are structured to work with organizations and customize solutions that will advance not only organizations but also the employees they rely on daily. From the needs of start-ups to growing and optimizing existing organizations, the OES experts, business practitioners and researchers will work with leadership, side by side, to ensure their organizations remain relative and dynamic in North Carolina’s economic landscape.

The areas of excellence include:

  1. Academy of Sales Leadership – provides the next generation of highly-skilled sales professionals who have benefited from having access to academic excellence and experiential learning. The AoSL also provides executive education to help internal sales teams meet the demands of today’s global economy.
  2. Bureau of Business Researchprovides business leaders and policymakers with insightful and actionable research to support informed decision-making for public policy-makers and business leaders.   
  3. Center for Healthcare Management Systems — offers tailored consultancy, cutting-edge technology implementation strategies, and expert guidance in healthcare management systems. COB expertise can help healthcare institutions face challenges stemming from inefficient processes, outdated systems, interoperability issues and enhancing patient care.
  4. Crisp Small Business Resource Centerserves the entrepreneurial resource hub of eastern North Carolina (ENC) and its 29 counties. The center provides resources to help launch and sustain small businesses and foster sustainable economic development. 
  5. Professional Development and Advisory Services – provides experts to work side by side with companies to address challenges and implement solutions to meet those challenges. Offers a comprehensive suite of training and professional development programs and workshops designed to equip leaders and employees with the understanding, skills, and tools necessary to compete in the marketplace.
Scan to register for 21st Century Leadership Series

With the launch of OES, area professionals can immediately participate in its 21st Century Leadership Series, a seven-course program, in partnership with the Office of Continuing & Professional Education, designed to equip current and aspiring leaders with the understanding, skills and tools needed to lead strategically. The first workshop begins in February. For more information about the workshop series, visit the 21st Century Leadership registration page.

“The economic momentum in eastern North Carolina is building, and East Carolina University and the College of Business want to add the full weight of our expertise, experience, and research to help further accelerate this growth,” said Dr. Andy Herdman, associate professor and director of professional services and executive education. “ECU is deeply invested in the region, and the OES has affordable programs and services to help create a vibrant destination for entrepreneurs, industry, and career seekers.”