Crisp Small Business Resource Center

The Crisp Small Business Resource Center is the entrepreneurial resource hub of eastern North Carolina (ENC) and serves a 29-county region. We provide resources to help launch and sustain small businesses and foster sustainable economic development.

Faculty-Led Student Consulting

  • Partner with faculty for free technical assistance on a range of small business and economic development needs through project-based learning in the classroom

Grant + Request for Proposal (RFP) Assistance  

  • Partner on crafting mission-aligned grant applications
  • Initial review of grant guidelines
  • Initial review of RFPs

Evaluation Assistance

  • Partner with faculty to evaluate business operations that can inform future business decision-making

Entrepreneurial Support Organization Partnerships

  • Ideate and collaborate on program design and content
  • Explore funding options for program sustainability (e.g., grant applications, financial support)

Dr. Emily Yeager
Director of Crisp Small Business Resource Center, Assistant Professor, Recreation Sciences
252-737-1336  | | 177 Wright Building
Emily currently works as an assistant professor in the Department of Recreation Sciences and directs the Crisp Small Business Resource Center at East Carolina University with a research agenda focused on sustainable community development built upon a community’s unique assets and cultural nuances.