Leadership & Professional Development Curriculum

The Leadership and Professional Development Curriculum is ground-breaking. We subscribe to a belief that is based on critical thinking skills, a strong sense of values, and the ability to communicate. This is the basis for College’s mantra: Think, Value, Communicate, Lead.

In addition to teaching the “nuts and bolts” of business, we help students become true business professionals and leaders. The Leadership and Professional Development Curriculum is the first of its kind and is meant to prepare students for the realities of their future in the business world.

Leadership Courses

Strategy First (BUSI 1200) – An introduction to global, business concepts. Looks at the environment, diversity, globalization and ethics.

Experiential Leadership: Teams in Action (BUSI 2200) – Learn about business leadership theory, methods, and practice. After all, great business leaders are also effective team members.

Professional Development & Ethical Leadership (BUSI 3200) – Transitioning from college to the workplace. A professional development approach to networking, interview skills, resume building and more.

Leadership Capstone (BUSI 4200) – Learn about the qualities of good leaders and demonstrate those qualities in a business setting.

The Leadership Seven

Developed by a cross-sectional faculty team and supported by abundant empirical and anecdotal evidence, these capabilities are designed to equip our students, faculty, and alumni with a shared idea of exceptional leadership and a blueprint for building these critical competencies in ourselves and others.

The Leadership and Professional Development Curriculum in the College of Business has done a tremendous job of preparing students for the business world. The activities/components provided in the curriculum...all combine to create a real-life environment that will help students thrive in any business profession they choose in the future.
- Kay S. Jones, Retired Bank Executive