BUSI 3200

Professional Development & Ethical Leadership (BUSI 3200)
Transitioning from college to the workplace. A professional development approach to networking, interview skills, resume building and more.

With the name of this course, you might think its goals are pretty clear. However, there’s so much more you can expect. Today’s business professionals have a core set of values and behaviors that have guided them to major successes in a global business environment.

With BUSI 3200, we’ll share those successful traits with you, along with so much more.

Course Highlights:

  • Participation in a business networking event that allows you to showcase your new found knowledge and your natural, leadership traits.
  • Creation of an ePortfolio, your own professional profile that is geared toward future employers and highlights your strengths.
  • Foundations of a successful professional resume, which in some instances, may be your only chance to impress and sway a future employer to give you a chance.

Preparation for interviews that will leave potential employers wanting more from you.

Networking After Hours