Bureau of Business Research

The Bureau of Business Research (BBR) is the applied research arm of the College of Business.

BBR provides applied economic data and forecasting services to businesses, governments, and individuals throughout the state of North Carolina. These services include economic and business data, economic development data, economic forecast modeling and analysis, quarterly economic publications (from simple to complex), and economic forecast seminars and conferences to better understand our economic environment.

Industry-specific studies, from economic impact to supply chain, can be addressed by the College’s diverse and talented faculty.

Seasonally adjusted unemployment rates (SAUR) for the United States, North Carolina, NC’s neighbors, and the State’s regions and counties are updated monthly.

If you believe the BBR and the College’s faculty can be of assistance to you and/or your organization, please contact cobbbr@ecu.edu

James W. Kleckley, PhD, Director
 3404 Bate Building
(252) 737-1441