BUSI 1200

Strategy First (BUSI 1200) – An introduction to global, business concepts. Looks at the environment, diversity, globalization and ethics.

Learning Objective

We will investigate how various factors contribute to a firm’s ability to survive long term in a competitive environment. There will be emphasis on building and fostering an attitude of self reliance, accountability, and responsibility.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to do the following:

  • Understand how many disciplines of business are linked and required for success
  • Comprehend the purpose of business actions and how firms build value for stakeholders and stockholders
  • Communicate more effectively and professionally in a business environment

We will also investigate many basic business concepts; introduce many terms and acronyms, learn how strategy can determine structure, study the dynamics between functional areas and the purpose behind general business decisions.

The COB expects all undergraduate students to: THINK critically and holistically based on sound business knowledge. VALUE appreciation for the importance of ethics, diversity, globalization, and the natural environment (EDGE); developing and articulating one’s own values. COMMUNICATE using strong written, spoken, interpersonal, and virtual skills. LEAD prepared to make a difference and achieve positive outcomes in diverse settings​.