BUSI 2200

Experiential Leadership: Teams in Action (BUSI 2200) – Learn about business leadership theory, methods, and practice. After all, great business leaders are also effective team members.

Business 2200 is an application course where you will learn to appreciate and respect the cultural and personal differences of the people we work with. It is designed to provide you with reflective, interpersonal, and team skills you can use today, throughout your college career, and into your professional life. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to model effective teamwork and interpersonal skills in order to achieve a common goal.

Course Highlights

  • 270 students/45 teams create a positive change in our community each semester by working collaboratively with community organizations and businesses.
  • Over 1350 hours of impactful service to the surrounding community
  • Interactive activities used to reinforce team and leadership development skills
  • Identify and practice behaviors needed to have a high performing team.
  • Identify your own cultural values, communication preferences, and beliefs and how others may be similar or different.