Who will be interviewing me?
During an interview you will typically be interviewed by the person that you will be working for or an HR professional who does hiring for the entire organization.

What types of questions are asked?
The employer will ask several types of questions to see if you are a good fit for the position. They might include questions about you, your experiences, your behavior, or your knowledge about the company. If you are interviewing for a technical position they might also ask specific question about your skills.

Where can I practice interviewing?
At the Cunanan Center for Professional Success we provide many opportunities to practice for an interview. You may contact our office at (252) 737-1236 to schedule an appointment to discuss.

Interviewing Resources
The Cunanan Center for Professional Success has a variety of resources at your disposal to help you prepare for your next interview. Whether you are preparing for an internship, part-time or full-time job, or for a graduate or professional school, these resources can help you become a more confident interviewer.

How should I dress for an interview?
You should always dress professionally for an interview. If the company’s culture causes you to question this, come to the Cunanan Center for Professional Successr to discuss if other attire might be appropriate.  View examples of professional attire for more information.

Practice Interview
Practice interviews are scheduled appointments with a trained Cunanan Center for Professional Success professional who will ask you interview questions and provide you valuable feedback. Practice interviews are intended to simulate the actual interview experience, so we encourage you to prepare as if this were a real interview.  The more prepared you are, the better feedback you will receive.

Benefits of a Practice Interview:

  • Preview interview questions
  • Practice your answers
  • Receive professional feedback from a trained consultant

Interview Stream is an excellent online tool for students to practice interview skills anytime, anywhere.  Students may also contact the College of Business Cunanan Center for Professional Success at (252) 737-1236 or to set up an appointment for a practice interview with a staff member.