Academic Information

Role of the Advisor

Your student’s academic advisor serves as a first point of contact. Even for non-academic concerns, the advisor can point them in the right direction. Each student is assigned an academic advisor to provide support and guidance throughout their time at ECU. Advisors review degree requirements and provide ongoing updates regarding rules and regulations. Advising assignments are made after the advising and registration session during the summer freshmen orientation and are adjusted as your student progresses through the program. The Undergraduate Advising Center can be reached at or (252)328-5571.

Major Guides and Degree Works Plans

For every undergraduate major at ECU, there is a major guide that shows your student how they can complete their degree in four years. Please note, that the courses do not necessarily have to be taken exactly in the order listed. Your student should consult regularly with their academic advisor to determine which courses should be a priority for each semester, and which ones can be taken earlier or later than listed.

While a major guide gives general direction on how your student can reach their destination, the more personalized map can be designed with a Degree Works Plan. A plan will help your student graduate on time and on budget! All undergraduate students are required to have a plan to map out degree requirements for future semesters. Your student’s academic advisor will review the plan during advising meetings or any time your student indicates that they have created or updated a plan.