Student Projects

Course projects are offered in Family Business, Small Business Management, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy, and Internships.  Students provide around 15,000 hours annually through project-based courses.  Student projects have placed top three in the national competition 14 out of the last 15 years including 9 first place finishes.

“The students were very professional. Their presentations were on point and very helpful. They taught my family and I a lot, and in doing so, I think they learned a lot as well.”

“This project really opened our eyes to some things that we need to address. We really appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the project and hope that the student group benefited as much as we have.”


Student interns are also available at no cost to business owners through a nationally award-winning program called RISE-29. Students who participate the RISE-29 program will team with small businesses in the region looking for succession and continuity plans as the small business owners prepare for retirement. County partners and regional mentors will provide students with in-depth knowledge about the communities housing these young microenterprises, helping them integrate with the community.

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