Professional Services & Research

Professional Services and Research (PSR) comprises the community outreach, engagement, and applied research arms of ECU’s College of Business. It consists of three different units:

Other outreach units in the College include the Center for Healthcare Management Systems and the Small Business Institute.

PSR is the administrative center of partnerships between the College of Business, industry, and government. Its faculty offer relevant and specialized research; the exploration of company-specific projects; and customized training programs for industry professionals.

The ECU College of Business faculty are internationally recognized, award-winning world travelers, authors, consultants, and researchers. They are devoted to providing cutting-edge solutions and education to the increasingly complex and competitive business environment to assist companies, professionals, and the leaders of tomorrow. Beyond their academic accomplishments, the faculty have extensive practical industry experience—including Burger King Corporation, IBM, General Electric, Ernst and Young, J. C. Penney, Hughes Network Systems, Taco Bell Corporation, Mercedes-Benz US International, OEA Aerospace, Conoco Inc., TJX Companies, and Samsung Engineering, among others.