Convention and Special Events Management

The area of conventions, meetings and special events continues to grow across the hospitality industry. Convention centers, convention hotels, private clubs and many other businesses employ conference service managers, special event coordinators and convention sales professionals to enhance this segment of their business.

In the special events area in particular, the opportunity exists for young professionals to pursue entrepreneurial goals. In addition to leading convention centers in most major cities, companies like Gaylord provide great career opportunities in this area.

The BS in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Convention and Special Events Management is taught in a traditional face-to-face environment and via distance education.

Admission Requirements

Must complete HMGT 1350 with a grade of C – or better.      CHECKSHEET

Apply to East Carolina University.             Information for out-of-state residents.

Other Requirements

All Hospitality Leadership majors must complete an externship (after sophomore year) and an internship (prior to senior year).

Internship Guidelines                Internship Mentor’s Manual