Technology, Information & Operations

COB Student Laptop Requirement

We’re here just for you. The College of Business Technology, Information, and Operations Office is your first stop for faculty, staff, and student support. We’re here to help you with convenience items such as office supplies, checkout items like laptops, cameras, and projectors, and services such as technical troubleshooting your hardware and software problems.

Our classrooms provide a modern active-learning environment in an inviting easily-configurable space. Equipped with the latest technology, you, your classmates, and your professor will engage in real-world projects and simulations that will have you at the top of your class in no time.

Our student technology center provides you with multiple collaborative spaces, quick-use workstations, and multi-screen smartboards, all in an inviting interior. Included in this area are collaborative and individual workspaces, a business center filled with printing, binding and shredding machines, lots of power outlets, stations to plugin and project multimedia, a virtual environment with access to expensive software, state-of-art desktops, and lounge space to enjoy drinks and snacks.

COB faculty, staff, and students may request help or services by visiting the Student Technology Center help desk in Bate 3001, calling 737-5500, or by submitting a help desk ticket by clicking on the yellow triangle help desk icon located on the COB ShIP portal or from COB-issued workstations.