Undergraduate – Declaring a Concentration

The College of Business offers the BSBA degree with majors in Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. To graduate with a BSBA, all students are required to declare and complete a concentration as part of the major.

Available BSBA Majors and Concentrations

Degree – Major – Concentration(s)

BSBA – Accounting – Accounting

BSBA РFinance Р Finance, Risk Management and Insurance

BSBA – Management – General Business, Human Resource Management, International Business, Management

BSBA – Management Information Systems – Management Information Systems

BSBA – Marketing – Marketing

BSBA – Supply Chain Management – Operations and Supply Chain Management

To declare a concentration, students must meet the following requirements:

  • 45 semester hours (A minimum of 45 semester hours are required to declare a concentration. These hours can include those earned at ECU, transfer credits, or placement credits (e.g. AP, CLEP, internal credit).
  • 2.50 overall GPA (A minimum 2.50 GPA on all courses taken at ECU is required to declare a concentration.)
  • Successful completion of the declaration courses. (The following courses [or equivalent course work] must be completed with a minimum grade of C- in each and a 2.50 GPA: ACCT 2401, ACCT 2521, ECON 2113, ECON 2133, FINA 2244, MATH 1065, MATH 2228 or 2283, and MIS 2223. When this GPA is calculated, transfer grades are included.)
  • Once enrolled at East Carolina University, a student will be limited to a maximum of two attempts per declaration course regardless of the institution where attempted. It is the responsibility of the student to track how many attempts of each declaration course they have made. (Appeal for a third attempt)