Where to Point Your Student

ECU has many resources available to help your student reach their potential both in and out of the classroom. The listing below is a sample of those resources, but there are many more.

Academic Advisor

Your student’s academic advisor serves as a first point of contact. Even for non-academic concerns, the advisor can point them in the right direction. The Undergraduate Advising Office can be reached at (252)328-5571 or cobadvising@ecu.edu.

Business Communication Center

The Business Communication Center (BCC) is a resource that will strengthen your student’s communication through workshops, class instruction, coaching, partnerships with faculty, and online tutorials. Richard O’Dor is the Director of the BCC and can be reached at bcc@ecu.edu.

Center for Counseling and Student Development

The Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD) provides individual counseling within a brief, short-term therapeutic model (up to 12 sessions within an academic year), with most students benefiting from 4-5 sessions. Short-term counseling can be beneficial to students experiencing challenges in the following areas: personal, relationships, development, and academic. The CCSD also provides crisis services and a staff member is on-call 24/7. Students can schedule an appointment by contacting the CCSD at (252)328-6661.

COB Career Center

The COB Career Center provides personalized coaching and support to undergraduate and graduate business students as they prepare for a career beyond ECU. They help students identify and explore career options that best suit their strengths and assist them in developing an effective strategy to attain specific career goals.

We are always looking for internship sites and employment opportunities for our students. If you have a position at your company, please let us know! Melissa Parks is our Internship Coordinator and can be reached at (252)737-1236 or parksr19@ecu.edu.

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides individuals with disabilities support that will enable them to access programs, services, facilities, and activities of the University. They are located in 138 Slay Hall and can be reached at dssdept@ecu.edu or (252)737-1016.


Faculty can be one of the best resources for your student. If they are struggling with a class, the faculty member teaching the class would be in the best position to help determine where the problem is occurring. Developing a positive relationship with faculty can help your student when they need a recommendation letter for scholarships, graduate school, or a job application. All faculty hold weekly office hours, which are listed on the class syllabus and on their office door. If a student has a conflict with the scheduled office hours, please encourage them to email the faculty member to schedule a time to meet.

Pirate Academic Success Center

The Pirate Academic Success Center (PASC) offers free tutoring, study groups, academic skills coaching, community tutoring, and learning communities for ECU enrolled students. Encourage your students to use PASC! Many students use PASC to keep their A average, some use it to improve their study skills, and others use it because they are struggling in a class. There are group and individual sessions. It is located on the second floor (2300 suite) of the Old Cafeteria Complex. Your student can call (252)737-3009 or email tutoring@ecu.edu to contact PASC staff or to make an appointment.