COB Electives for Industrial/Organizational Psychology Students

Students enrolled in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master degree program are welcome to take College of Business graduate courses that are relevant to their program. These are common courses I/O students choose to take:

MGMT 6832  Human Resources  (E)
MGMT 6802  Organizational Behavior
MGMT 6682  Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation  (E)
OMGT 6213  Operations Management
MGMT 6822  Business and Society  (E)

Business Analytics certificate courses:

MIS 6873  Data Management for Decision Making  (E)
MIS 6903  Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
MIS 6913  Statistics for Business Analytics
MIS 6933  Data Mining

I/O students do not have to pursue the Business Analytics graduate certificate in order to register for certificate courses. Also, I/O students waive the BA course prerequisites because the I/O program covers the required content.