Greetings from the Interim Dean


At the College of Business, we build leaders.

It’s that simple, and we have the students, the faculty and the alumni to prove it.

Tomorrow’s leaders have turned to us to be successful in the business world. Our faculty brings global knowledge and our Leadership and Professional Development program builds character. With investments in the Miller School of Entrepreneurship, the Thomas D. Arthur Graduate School of Business, the Isley Innovation Hub and the Cunanan Center for Professional Success, today’s leaders get what we are doing and have invested in the future of many.

Our passionate alumni have invested in you.

We are one of the largest colleges of business in North Carolina. Why? Our students are successful. The surrounding communities know that our students will produce for them. And, the College of Business, with its dedicated faculty and innovative programs, is transforming eastern North Carolina to attract, build and sustain businesses.

I understand it’s easy for me to say what we do. Therefore, I invite you to join me and see firsthand how we are getting it done for so many.

I welcome you to Pirate nation!


Mike Harris
J. Fielding Miller Distinguished Professor