COB Junior

Making Your Move

Welcome to your junior year! We hope it is an exciting time of growth and new opportunities as you become more immersed in your major. We are here to provide assistance as you make personal and academic decisions.

Here are some tips to help make your junior year a success.

Assess Your Major

By your junior year, you should be through the declaration/admission process for your major. If you have questions about your progress, you should schedule a meeting with your academic advisor.

Update Your Graduation Plan

Every student is required to have a plan in Degree Works. Be sure your plan is current and gets you to graduation.

Look for Leadership Opportunities

Have you been a regular member of a student organization for the last year or two? If so, junior year is a great time to step up into a leadership role. Whether it is as an officer, a project leader, or simply a mentor to a freshman, being a leader can be a valuable experience.

Update Your Resume

Are you still using the same resume you created freshman year? Be sure it is updated to reflect what you have done. The Cunanan Center for Professional Success graduate assistants are trained to provide excellent feedback on your resume.

Work on Getting an Internship

An internship is a great way to explore your career interests in a realistic professional setting. Some companies hire interns up to a year in advance.

Strengthen Your Communication

Your communication is how you present the brand of YOU to the world. Use the Business Communication Center to strengthen your communication. The BCC provides an integrated approach to coaching you in professional speaking and writing.

Look for Ways to Network

Develop your 30-second elevator speech. Attend networking events and career fairs to build professional relationships. Create and keep your LinkedIn account current to project a professional image.