Do you have what it takes to become a leader?

Life is full of questions about life, career and the future. If you have these questions, we can put you on a path to finding those answers.

At the College of Business, we will show you the opportunities that lie before you. More than 5,000 students expect that of us annually. They – and soon, you will, too – found a home away from home that provides more than classrooms and professors. They found a lifelong, career partner that will serve as their mentor, guide them on their career journey, and build them into future leaders.

"Put your focus on being significant."
- Fielding Miller, CEO CAPTRUST (BSBA '84)

Here are a few reasons why we’re the answer to your future. At the College of Business, you’ll find the following:

  • An AACSB-accredited program since 1967. We also have numerous rankings and recognitions that validate what we can offer you.
  • Engagement with academic thought leaders and 11 endowed professorships who have real-world experience that regularly publish research in leading journals.
  • A unique and strong focus on leadership development that will bring to light your leadership traits through a series of four, hands-on courses.
  • We will put you face to face with potential employers.
  • Access to almost $700,000 through more than 350 scholarships.
  • A reputation where industry-leading companies – Wells Fargo, Credit Suisse, Marriott, CAPTRUST, BB&T, EY and more – come to us to find their future leaders
  • Annual opportunities to travel nationally and abroad to immerse yourself in different, exciting business environments
  • It’s all about the return on your investment and time. The value you get from your educational investment is unsurpassed.

Imagine walking across the graduation stage, shaking the Dean’s hand, jumping up and down with excitement, high-fiving your favorite professors and then hugging your family and friends. At this time in your life, you’ll have the answers you sought when first joining the College of Business.

You’ll know how to tackle what’s next with your life so you can capture your horizon.