Parents and Family

The Harris' - Joshua, April, Maggie, Mike and Caleb - sit on a dock

Joshua, April, Maggie, Mike and Caleb

Greetings from Mike Harris!

Welcome to the College of Business family. We look forward to providing your student with the experiences needed for their career choices. Please know that we are here to support you and your student throughout their time at the College of Business.

My family and I are proud Pirates. ECU was the only place I considered to start my educational journey more than 30 years ago. My wife, April, has both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from ECU, and my son, Josh, will graduate Dec. ’22 with a management degree. My fingers are crossed that my youngest, Caleb, will join ECU after his senior year in high school.

At the College of Business, we emphasize leadership, professionalism, entrepreneurship and communication skills, along with the nuts and bolts of business. We set the bar high with personalized support coming from a network of alumni, advisors, and coaches who proudly volunteer in our Leadership & Professional Development Curriculum.

Our approach builds leaders who succeed in the classroom, serve their local communities and play a major role in transforming the region. These leaders will engage with employers via internships and fieldwork hours. It’s a wonder to see this work in action.

And parents, here’s one statistic that you will like. Ninety percent of our students find a job soon after graduation, and most of the others will enroll in graduate programs.

Our value is unparalleled; soon, you and your student will understand why.

This site provides information and resources for both you and your student. Please let us know if you want to see something on our site that isn’t currently there. It’s meant to be dynamic and updated with fresh, actional information.

Please don’t hesitate to contact my staff or me if we can be of any assistance, or (252) 737-5500.