Course Descriptions

MBA Students: Elective courses are indicated with an (E).  MKTG and MGMT courses are typically qualitative; ACCT, FINA,  MIS, and OMGT courses are typically quantitative. Email your advisor with questions.  


MSA Accounting (link to catalog)

ACCT 6221  Principles of Accounting and Finance
ACCT 6231  Principles of Business
ACCT 6301  Fraud Examination (E)
ACCT 6611  Auditing
ACCT 6621  Intermediate Financial Accounting Theory
ACCT 6631  Advanced Cost and Systems
ACCT 6641  Advanced and Governmental Accounting
ACCT 6701  Regulation
ACCT 6801  Accounting Theory (E)
ACCT 6811  Cost Accounting Theory  (E)  Not Currently Offered
ACCT 6891  Federal Income Taxation
ACCT 6901  Advanced Federal Taxation
ACCT 6911  Research in Taxation (E)
ACCT 6921  Advanced Taxation of Partnerships (E)
ACCT 6931  Advanced Taxation of Estates  (E)  Not Currently Offered
ACCT 6951  Auditing Seminar
ACCT 6961  Information Technology Auditing  (E)
ACCT 6971  Corporate Government and Accounting Ethics  (E)
ACCT 6981  The Professional Accounting Environment
ACCT 6991  Advanced Topics in Accounting  (E)

MBA Accounting  (link to catalog)

ACCT 6241  Financial and Managerial Accounting
ACCT 6301  Fraud Examination (E)
ACCT 6521  Accounting for Decision Making
ACCT 6831  Taxation and Business Decisions (E)

Finance & Insurance  (link to catalog)

FINA 6144  Financial Management I
FINA 6204  Analysis of the Business Economic Environment
FINA 6214  Government Regulation of Business
FINA 6604  Financial Management II
FINA 6624  Investment Management (E)
FINA 6654  Commercial Bank Financial Management (E)
FINA 6814  Management of Financial Risk (E)
FINA 6824  Portfolio Theory, Construction and Management (E)
FINA 6854  Real Estate Analysis (E)
FINA 6874  Topics in Finance  (E)
(Spring: Fundamentals of Derivatives Markets; Summer Session 2: Financial Markets & Institutions; Fall: Risk Management & Insurance)
FINA 6876  International Financial Management  (E)
FINA 6914  Portfolio Management and Operations Practicum  (E)

Hospitality Management  (link to catalog)

HMGT 6310  Strategic Management of Conventions & Special Events
HMGT 6400  Critical Analysis of Food Service & Beverage Management Systems
HMGT 6410  Strategic Management of Lodging Operations
HMGT 6420  Current Issues and Strategies in Hospitality Management

Management  (link to catalog)

MGMT 6102  Comparative Management
MGMT 6322  International Management  (E)
MGMT 6420 Studies in Leadership (E)
MGMT 6421 Twenty-First Century Leadership (E)
MGMT 6500  Independent Study  (E)
MGMT 6510  Independent Study  (E)
MGMT 6520  Independent Study  (E)
MGMT 6682  Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation  (E)
MGMT 6722  Strategic Management
MGMT 6802  Organizational Behavior
MGMT 6812  Entrepreneurship  (E)
MGMT 6832  Human Resources  (E)
MGMT 6842  Leading with Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (E)

Management Information Systems  (link to catalog)

MIS 6713  Delivering Business Value through Information Systems
MIS 6723  Project Executing, Monitoring, and Controlling (E)
MIS 6733  Project Leadership and Communication (E)
MIS 6743  Advanced Project Management Topics (E)
MIS 6813  Information Systems Governance and Management (E)
MIS 6823  
Information Systems Security (E)
MIS 6843
  Systems Analysis and Design  (E)
MIS 6853  Seminar in Information  Systems  (E)
MIS 6873  Data Management for Decision Making  (E)
MIS 6903  Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (E)
MIS 6913  Statistics for Business Analytics (E)
MIS 6923  Topics in Management Information Systems  (E)
MIS 6933  Data Mining (E)

Marketing  (link to catalog)

MKTG 6162  Marketing Management
MKTG 6652  Seminar in Marketing  (E)
MKTG 6742  Sports Marketing  (E)
MKTG 6752  Integrated Marketing Communications (E)
MKTG 6762  Business-to-Business Marketing  (E)
MKTG 6772  Sustainability Marketing (E)
MKTG 6792  Social Media Marketing (E)
MKTG 6822  Marketing Strategy
MKTG 6842  Consumer Behavior  (E)
MKTG 6992  Global Marketing  (E)

Banked Courses:
MKTG 6642  Marketing Research (E)
MKTG 6662  Electronic Markets (E)

Operations & Supply Chain Management (link to catalog)

OMGT 6123  Quantitative Methods
OMGT 6213  Operations Management
OMGT 6333  Project Management  (E)
OMGT 6383  Supply Chain Analytics  (E)
OMGT 6493  Quality Management  (E)
OMGT 6613  Management Science
OMGT 6743  Purchasing and Materials Management  (E)
OMGT 6753  Strategic Logistics Management (E)
OMGT 6763  Strategic Supply Chain Management  (E)
OMGT 6943  Topics in Operations Management (E)

Sustainable Tourism  (link to catalog)

SUTO 6000  Principles of Tourism and Sustainability
SUTO 6100  Environmental Systems and Sustainability
SUTO 6200  Development and Management of Sustainable Tourism
SUTO 6300  Policy and Planning for Sustainable Tourism
SUTO 6400  Sustainable Tourism Internship
SUTO 6600  Study Abroad in International Sustainable Tourism and Management
SUTO 6610 Sustainable Tourism Field Studies in Regional and National Settings
SUTO 6710  Special Topics in Sustainable Tourism
SUTO 6900  Independent Study in Sustainable Tourism