MBA Foundation Course Waivers

The MBA degree program requires between a minimum of 33 semester hours (11 classes) and  a maximum of 54 semester hours (18 classes). The program is divided into three major components: 7 foundation courses 8 common body of knowledge (CBK) courses, and 3 elective courses.

Foundation Courses

The foundation component is designed to quickly give a non-business undergraduate student the same academic knowledge-base as that of an undergraduate business student. Some, none, or all of these classes may be waived if students have completed appropriate undergraduate course work at acceptable performance levels, which is a B- or better.

Transcript Reviews for Prospective Students

We would be happy to determine your specific program course requirements prior to admission. Only an advisor can determine your personal course waivers. Contact our office for more information. or 252.328.6970

Awarding Waivers

Part of our admissions process is to review all available transcripts to award students any possible course waivers. Applicants do not need to request a review for course waivers. Course waivers are made on a course-by-course basis as approved by the Director for Graduate Programs if equivalent undergraduate courses have been completed with a minimum grade of B-. Courses what are waived will be removed from the student’s degree program.

Time Limits

Applicable undergraduate course work for OMGT 6123 and FINA 6144 waivers must be completed within five (5) years of acceptance into the MBA program. There is no time limit associated with undergraduate coursework for waivers for ACCT 6241, MGMT 6102, MKTG 6162, FINA 6204, and FINA 6214.

If a student does not take ECU MBA classes for over a year, course waivers will be reviewed upon readmission to the program.

Accounting Undergrads

Students who were accounting majors will automatically waive ACCT 6241 and ACCT 6521. Both courses will be removed from the student’s degree requirements; however, a fourth elective will be added since ACCT 6521 is a CBK class.

Undergraduate Courses
The seven MBA foundation courses and the corresponding ECU undergraduate courses required for each course waiver are listed below. Students applying from other institutions should match completed course work as closely as possible to ECU course names.

Grades of B- or better are required for all undergraduate courses utilized in foundational course waivers. Grades of “P” or “Passing” are not sufficient for waiver purposes.

Undergraduate CoursesGraduate Foundation Courses
ACCT 2401 Financial Accounting
ACCT 2521 Managerial Accounting
ACCT 6241 Financial and Managerial Accounting
MATH 1066 Applied Mathematics for Decision Making*
MATH 2283 Statistics for Business
OMGT 6123 Quantitative Methods
MGMT 3302 Management of Organizations
MGMT 3352 International Business**
MGMT 6102 Comparative Management
MKTG 3832 Marketing Management MKTG 6162 Marketing Management
FINA 3724 Financial Management
MATH 2283 Statistics for Business
FINA 6144 Financial Management I
FINA 2244 Legal Environment of BusinessFINA 6214 Government Regulation of Business
ECON 2113 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 2133 Principles of Macroeconomics
FINA 6204 Analysis of the Business Econ Environment

*College algebra or a calculus class may also be used for this component of the OMGT 6123 waiver.

**An international business class in marketing, finance or accounting may also be used for this component of the MGMT 6102 waiver.