Transfer Students

Transferring Classes to the ECU MBA program
We need to distinguish between the terms “waiver” and “transfer.” The MBA degree consists of two components – the foundations component and the common body of knowledge component.

Foundations classes (the group of 7 classes that is the equivalent to a general business undergraduate degree) may be waived on a course-by-course, case-by-case basis. Students do not receive credit for waived classes; the classes are no longer required of the student’s curriculum.

Waivers are based on a student’s previous course work and performance. We look at all previously completed course work from all regionally accredited universities, community colleges, technical colleges, junior colleges, etc. to determine waivers. Therefore, some courses from your current school may allow you to waive our MBA foundations courses and reduce your overall program requirements.

The term “transfer” refers to taking a class at another institution and receiving credit for the grade and hours when satisfying part of the student’s common body of knowledge (CBK) component of his or her ECU MBA curriculum requirements. The CBK component is the group of 8 classes that go beyond the foundations level. Every student must complete this group of classes. However, up to one third of a student’s program (after waivers have been subtracted) may transfer into a student’s program if the classes were completed at another AACSB-accredited institution and the classes taken at the other school are sufficiently close to the classes in the ECU program. Thus, students receive credit when a class transfers into his or her program. A review of a course for transfer must be initiated by your academic advisor.