Current ECU Seniors

6-hour Rule: ECU seniors within six semester hours (or less) of completion of all undergraduate degree requirements may enroll in 5000- or 6000-level courses applicable to graduate degree requirements in addition to their final undergraduate classes. Students must apply and be admitted into the MBA, MSA, or MS-STH program prior to enrolling in graduate business courses.  The student must complete all remaining undergraduate degree requirements during the semester the student begins taking graduate classes.  Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in cancellation of admission to graduate degree study and enrollment in any 6000-level courses will be invalidated.

Students must have a baccalaureate degree (in any subject) from an institution accredited by at least a regional association or accrediting agency.  The degree must be in-hand by the date graduate study is to commence.  The total amount of pre-graduate schooling must be at least sixteen years (12 years of high school plus 4 years of college).

It is not possible to take graduate business classes before applying to the graduate program. You must be admitted to the program before you can take graduate business classes.