Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management

With a focus on consumers and delivering value, marketing is an exciting field of business that stimulates lateral thinking and creativity. Likewise, supply chain management has become increasingly significant as firms recognize the importance of aligning a firm’s supply chain and production system with how a firm strategically competes in the global marketplace. Both areas of study are housed in ECU’s Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management.

A BSBA in marketing at ECU provides students with the insight needed to identify marketing opportunities, develop appropriate strategies, and put them into action. Many students with a degree in marketing have gone on to successful careers in the fields of advertising, sales management, business marketing, research, distribution, retail management, product planning, services, and international marketing.

A BSBA in supply chain management (SCM) prepares students for careers in the areas of sourcing, operations, and logistics. Graduates in SCM have career choices as managers of purchasing, distribution, inventory, logistics, operations, quality, and supply chains. The SCM curriculum also helps prepare graduates to sit for the Certified Purchasing Manager examination.