School of Hospitality Leadership Published Work

The Future of the Global Tourism System Post COVID-19

Author: Dr. Jalayer Khalilzadeh 

An in-depth look at the COVID-19 effects on today’s global tourism system and how the pandemic will have long term effects on the system in a post-pandemic world. 

New measuring stick on sharing accommodation: Guest-perceived benefits and risks

Author: Seung Hyun Lee
Publication: International Journal of Hospitality Management

Abstract: As an emergent phenomenon fueled by advanced technology, the sharing economy enables people to capitalize on underutilized physical assets that would otherwise be wasted. Despite the rapid growth, existing empirical studies are limited to the adoption of scales from other disciplines, although collaborative consumption differs from commercial consumption. The purpose of the study is to examine guests’ perceived risks and benefits of sharing accommodation. Using three folded studies, this research attempts to yield key theoretical contributions by developing a scale for perceived benefits and risks in the context of sharing accommodation. Furthermore, this study provides initial insights into why consumers would avoid sharing accommodations while at the same time identifying potential benefits and risks in relation to attitude and behavioral intentions. The findings from this research will enable sharing accommodation hosts to understand consumers’ perceived benefits and risks and thus provide enhanced experiences to users.

Keywords: Sharing economy, Sharing accommodation, Perceived risks, Airbnb, Perceived benefits, Scale development