Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management

The health care industry is one of the most important growing industries in the U.S.  This certificate includes information on the financial, legal, and operational issues in health care and how these differ from the challenges of other industries.  Students are prepared for careers as managers in a variety of health care situations.  The knowledge gained from this certificate can be applied to hospitals, ambulatory care centers, long term care facilities, health research and clinical trials firms, home health care agencies, and health insurance companies.

This certificate is available online.

Certificate Requirements

Students take COHE 6000, 6600, 6610, and 6620.

Course Rotation

Due to course rotations and prerequisites, this program takes a minimum of 3 semesters to complete.

Fall: COHE 6000, 6610
Spring: COHE 6000, 6600, 6620
Summer I: COHE 6000

Contact Information

O. Elijah Asagbra
4340P Health Sciences Building

Admissions Information

This certificate is only available to ECU MBA students. The certificate can replace the electives component of the ECU MBA degree. ECU students should complete this form to add the certificate to their degree plan.