Graduate Certificate in Security Studies

The goal of the certificate program is to develop new thinking toward security within a changing environment.  Countering and responding to the new threats requires integration of traditional military strategies with criminal justice systems and investigation, intelligence gathering, policy development, emergency planning and response, and interagency cooperation at multiple levels of government and between governments.  This interdisciplinary certificate provides focus on National Security by examining emerging threats and coordinated responses between different agencies and levels of government.

This certificate is available online.

Certificate Requirements

Students are required to take both SECS 6000 & 6155 and choose three courses 
from CSCI 6100, EHST 6010, HIST 6260, ICTN 6823, INTL 6500, JUST 6502, PADM 
6170, PADM 6220, PLAN 6015, POLS 6382, POLS 6425, SECS 6260, SECS 6270, SECS 6320, SECS 6350.

This program can be completed in 1 or more semesters.

Contact Information

Armin Krishnan
119-A Brewster Building

Admissions Information

This certificate is only available to ECU MBA students. The certificate can replace the electives component of the ECU MBA degree. ECU students should complete this form to add the certificate to their degree plan.