Graduate Certificate in Sport Management

The world of sport management is an increasingly sophisticated marketplace, where a deep understanding of advanced methodologies is essential for success.  As the sport management and services industries continue to expand in size and complexity, there is a growing need to provide competent professionals trained in a specific body of knowledge.  The Graduate Certificate in Sport Management will provide students with the essentials needed to excel in this complex and competitive environment.

This certificate is available online.

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate requires the following:

  • KINE 6106
  • Two courses chosen from KINE 6001, 6131, 6132, 6133, 6136  & 6250
  • One elective approved by the program coordinator.

Course Rotation

Fall – KINE 6106, 6131, 6132
Spring – KINE 6001, 6133
Summer – KINE 6136 and other classes are offered as resources allow.

Due to course rotations, this program can be completed in 2 or more semesters.

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Moore, Assistant Professor
Department of Exercise and Sport Science
150 Minges Coliseum

Admissions Information

This certificate is only available to ECU MBA students. The certificate can replace the electives component of the ECU MBA degree. ECU students should complete this form to add the certificate to their degree plan.