Register and Add a Class

Registering for Classes

All students will register for classes through PiratePort. The Pirates Aboard Orientation course reviews this process in great detail. Only students admitted to COB graduate programs can register for COB graduate courses. Review the registration instructions for more details.

Registration for Summer 2 and Fall is currently open for fully admitted students. Summer 2 classes begin June 23. Fall classes begin August 22.

Refer to the university’s academic calendars for more information about drop/add dates and other important semester and registration dates. Students must register by University-mandated deadline dates or pay late fees. Deadlines and late fees are enforced by the University.

Students who are currently on academic probation are not eligible to register until grades for the current semester are posted and reviewed. The same applies to students who were admitted by exception and care completing their 9th semester hour during the current term.

Graduate Students do not need a PIN to register for classes. While meeting with an advisor prior to registration is not a requirement, students are highly encouraged to do so.

Add a Class

During the Course Adjustment Period (CAP)

As a graduate student, you may make schedule changes (add or delete one or more courses) at any time from the start of registration until the end of the CAP. During this time, students can alter their own schedules via PiratePort. Adding a course is always subject to seating availability.

After the CAP

The CAP usually ends four days after the start of a semester. The date can be found on the official university calendars. Once the CAP has passed, a student can withdraw from a course, but can no longer add a course, up until the Final Withdrawal Date. Switching sections is not allowed after the CAP.

Registration Instructions
Step 1: Login to PiratePort ( with PirateID and Passphrase and select the Registration & Planning card.
Step 2: Select the Add or Drop Classes link.
Step 3: Select the registration term from the Terms Open for Registration pull down menu and click
Step 4: Use the Find Classes tab to search for sections by subject and course number or use the Enter CRNs tab to find sections using the Course Reference Number (CRN).
Step 5: Click the Add button for each course you choose. When a class is added, the Schedule and Summary screens will show the courses pending for registration and tentative week-at-a-glance schedule.
Step 6: To register for the classes in your summary, click the submit button.
Step 7: If registration is successful, you will see a Save Successful notification and all sections will be marked in green and noted as “Registered”
Step 8: If any classes have a registration error (pre-requisite, co-requisite, time conflicts, other restrictions), the error will appear on the screen and the course will not be added. The course will be listed in the Summary with an action of “Remove”. Click the Submit button to remove the course(s) with registration errors.
Step 9: To add additional courses, repeats steps 4-7.
Step 10: To drop a class: In the summary window, select “Web Dropped” from the Action pull down menu next to the class you wish to drop. Click the Submit button. A Save Successful notification will be displayed on the screen and the week-at-a-glance schedule and summary screen will reflect the course with a status of Deleted.
Step 11: Verify that you have registered for the appropriate classes/sections once your registration session is complete. It is the student’s responsibility to register for the section that is appropriate to their situation.