Enrollment Status

Full-time vs Part-time

As a graduate student, you are considered a full-time student when you are enrolled for 9 hours (3 classes) or more in one semester. Part-time enrollment is 5-8 hours in one semester (2 classes). COB graduate students are permitted to take one class in a semester should they choose to do so.

Continuous Enrollment

You are considered continuously enrolled in the program when you take at least one class in the fall semester and one class in the spring semester. Summer enrollment is not required.

If you need to take a semester or two off, you may do so. However, please note that if you take a fall and/or spring semester off, you will be required to complete an application for readmission. As long as you haven’t been out of the program for more than a year, you will not need to pay the application fee nor will you need to provide supplemental documentation. You should contact your advisor prior to taking time off of the program as well as when you are ready to re-enroll. Visit our Returning Students page for information on how to reapply.