Payment & Refunds


Once you have registered for courses, you may pay your tuition online via PiratePort.  Check the Cashier’s page for tuition deadlines and other payment options.   Check your tuition statement via PiratePort if you modify your schedule during the registration period.  Keep a copy of your tuition payment receipt for your records.

Due Date for Payment: Due dates for payment are listed under Important Dates on the Cashier’s Office page.

Schedule Cancellations: Schedules must be paid in full to be protected against cancellation for non-payment. To be considered paid in full, the ECU Cashier’s Office takes into account Federal Financial Aid that has been awarded, accepted and shows in “Memo” or “Authorized” status and all other payment types referenced above as long as all payment methods are received or notated on student accounts prior to the late fee assessment and schedule cancellation dates. Payments not received by the close of business – usually 5:00 pm – on late fee assessment or schedule cancellation date will result in the application of late fees and/or schedule cancellation for non-payment.

Payment Options

The following methods of payment are accepted by ECU’s Cashier Office for payment of tuition, fees, housing and dining charges.

  • Wire Transfers
  • Bank Bill Pay Services
  • Faculty/Staff Tuition Waivers
  • Third-Party Payments

Installment Payment Plans: ECU offers interest free installment payment plans each fall and spring semester. An installment payment plan fee is due upon enrollment each semester. Students and authorized users can sign up for a payment plan through ECU’s TouchNet Bill+Payment system.

Employer Assistance: ECU’s Cashier’s Office is happy to work with a student’s employer who is willing to help fund their educational goals. 

Scholarships & Financial Aid: Over $300,000 in COB graduate student scholarships each year! Students can apply for federal financial aid.

The current semester’s refund schedule is posted on the Cashier’s website. You are given a  tuition refund based on the date the class(es) are withdrawn from.  Not all schedule changes result in a refund.

Student refunds are handled electronically via TouchNet. Students access TouchNet through ECU’s PiratePort to view bills, make payments, view, download, and print 1098-T tax statements, and set up tuition payment plans.

With the eRefunds process through TouchNet, students have the option for refunds to be deposited directly into a designated bank account of their choice. If direct deposit information is not provided to the University, refund checks will be mailed to the student. Please make sure your mailing address is up to date. Full details and instructions can be found here.

If the student wishes to appeal, the process must be initiated in writing to the Tuition Refund Appeals Committee and the written appeal can be submitted to Cashier’s Office,